NetFlix Raises Rental Fee for Blu-ray Discs 
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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Netflix is increasing its fees for Blu-Ray rentals, while at the same time increasing its selection.  In just six months, the number of Blu-Ray titles available via Netflix has risen to 1,300, up 60%.  And now that the library has expanded, Netflix feels it’s time to raise the price from the dollar surcharge that those subscribing to the service had previously enjoyed.

Now, for those who rent one title at a time using Netflix’s limited two-per-month plan or unlimited, the surcharge for Blu-Ray rentals will increase by $1 and $2 respectively.  And with each plan upgrade, the Blu-Ray fee increase by $1 – Those renting two DVDs at a time will be charged an additional $3, those renting 3 DVDs at a time will be charged an additional $4.  The trend continues right up to eight DVDs at a time, which will incur a $9 extra fee for Blu-Ray rentals.

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