HDTV Makers Moving to Meet EnergyStar 3.0 Standards 
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Written by AVRev.com   
Monday, 30 March 2009

More TV manufacturers are producing “green” TVs than ever before, spurred in part due to the EnergyStar 3.0 requirements and consumer demand for environmentally-friendly home theaters. The LCD TV Association is one of the leading organizations that pushed this green overhaul.

Their “Green TV” program offers manufacturers an attractive label help sell their TVs if they can meet certain energy requirements.  Everything from ambient lights in order to reduce power consumption to efficient and reduced packaging is considered when the Association gives its green stamp of approval to a TV.

The new EnergyStar 3.0 guidelines from the EPA have become stricter for TV manufacturers.  It now requires no more than 1 Watt of power in standby mode, and far less power than before when the TV is on.  Companies like LG, Visio, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony are striving hard to hit these milestones in order to get the green seal of approval.  And certain green technologies, like the use of LED-based backlighting rather than CCFL systems, even improves the brightness and quality of the picture itself.

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