Meridian SW1600 Active Subwoofer
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Friday, 16 January 2009
Image"The smaller one in the production line of Meridian's great active subwoofers, this SW1600 includes a 300mm long-throw customized driver for superior power handling, with the amp and power to match. and now With an analogue and a digital input itworks great with systems of either kind.

The SW1600 also has a sealed cabinet, for maximum flexibility in positioning, while on the other hand free-standing or as part of an already built-in installation. It is useful as a mono subwoofer for systems like the Meridian Digital Theatre system, in a special way to give a convenient cinematic effect and add realism to movies. The SW1600 isspecialy made for both music and movie soundtrack applications and works great with the system.

The ideal setup for music is to use two subwoofers, one for each side of the main left and right channels, for a superior stereo image. In a large system, more than one subwoofer can be used to give an even more superb effect"

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