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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Marantz will be demonstrating the AV8003 Networking AV Preamp/Processor, MM8003 8 Channel Power Amplifier, BD8002 and BD7003 Blu-ray Players, IS301 Wireless Flexible iPod Dock, and LN-11S1 Motorized Anamorphic Lens System during the week at EHX.

The AV8003 ($2,599.99) is a multi-source/zone, THX-certified, 1080p processor that can distribute video and audio through up to three rooms in a single building.  Along with its ability to stream content from any DLNA-compliant server, it has the most advanced audio and video decoding/processing capabilities on the market.  It also has several extras, including a digital media player.

The MM8003 ($2,399.99) is best used with a home theater system that requires 5.1 or 7.1 channel audio.  It features 140 watts per channel, and many features that increase its flexibility, such as XLR input terminals and slow-start to power-on control.

The BD8002 ($1,999.99) and BD7003 ($549.99) are well-rounded, crystal-clear Blu-Ray players. The BD8002 features upconversion, noise reduction, high-resolution audio decoding, and compatibility with most disc media on the market. The BD7003 features HDMI 1.3a,  Deep Color and Bonus View, and audio decoding after the bitstream has been outputted to a receiver.

The IS301 ($249.99) is a handset that connects to an iPod.  It can be wall-mounted or lie flat on a tabletop.  It can also be used as an expansion device due to its robust set of connections.  The LN-11S1 ($3,999.99) is a versatile lens that can be retrofitted to a number of Marantz and other brand projectors that support vertical stretch technology.

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