U.S. Ramps Up for June 12th Digital Switch 
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Monday, 09 March 2009

Despite the 15% of American households that have already been affected by the DTV transition due to the early switch made by roughly 1/3 of broadcasters in February, the impact will not truly be felt until the new June 12th deadline, U.S. regulators warn.

New funding for the coupon program aimed at getting converter boxes into the hands of those without the proper receiver for digital signals in their TV is increasing the number of Americans who will be ready, but about 5 million are still unprepared.  Regulators indicate that many, especially the elderly, see the delayed deadline as a reason to put off their transition until 3 months from now.

The coupon program is moving much quicker now with the new funding, cutting down turnaround time from 21 days to 9 and sending out about 2 million coupons every week – which should clear the waiting list within the next three weeks.  Although the $40 coupons will not cover the entire cost of the converter box in most cases, regulators hope that they will spur people to purchase the boxes well ahead of the deadline so as to ensure they are fully prepared for the switch.

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