HDTV Prices Showing an Increase 
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Thursday, 05 March 2009

Retrevo, the analytical organization that studies daily trends in the consumer electronics market, has released February’s statistics.  HDTVs have seen a jump in the average selling cost per unit, which comes after long downward trend.  February 2009 saw the price of HDTVs increase by about 10%.  Prices have been dropping since May 2008, and reached a low point of 35% decrease in price by January 2009.

Retrevo explains this sharp spike by citing reduced holiday pricing by manufacturers to get HDTVs into consumer’s hands shortly before and after the Christmas holiday.  The Super Bowl continued this trend of HDTV sales. They hypothesize that Circuit City’s demise may have had something to do with incentivizing other companies to keep their prices low, to match the liquidated stock coming from the bankrupt CE store.  

Now that the holidays have passed, manufacturers are moving toward a more sustainable price point for their business. Retrevo released an index of their statistics to the public, outlining over 40 categories of consumer electronics, and including more than 4,000 products.

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