Acoustic Energy Releases New Home Theater Monitor Flagship Series 
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Tuesday, 03 March 2009

UK loudspeaker designer, Acoustic Energy has announced the release of their new flagship home theater monitors.  The Radiance series is designed to complement music and cinema lovers.  The Radiance series is marked by high-frequency dispersion technology, called DXT Lens.  This technology uses advanced calculations to match the dispersion from the tweeter to the bass driver.  This technology supposedly helps improves speaker-room interaction as well as creates time coherency.

The Radiance 3 is a three-way floorstanding loudspeaker containging a Neodymium ring tweeter.  The low-frequency and mid-range drivers contain twin-wound aluminum voice coils.  Suprisingly though, the three-way design only claims a 40-45Hz bottom end, which means actually about 60Hz.  A lot of information will likely be missing at the low-frequency range of these speakers, making a subwoofer a requirement and not optional.

The Radiance 1 and 2 models are designed for bookshelf systems or speaker stands.  The Radiance Center speaker uses the same technology as the three-way model.  The series also contains a subwoofer.  However, specs are not provided for this speaker.

The speakers are treated with real-wood veneers and curved lines.  The price for the center speaker is $800.  The Radiance 3 is $3,000/pair.  The Radiance 2 is $2,000/pair.  The Radiance 1 is $1,200/pair and the subwoofer is $1,200 on its own.

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