Visiomatic Launching High-End Controllers in the U.S. 
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Monday, 23 February 2009

A new home-control system has recently hit the shores of the US from its home in Germany.  Visiomatic has released a new line of touchpanels and home controls through its US representative company Siedle.  The home control system can display multiple languages, comes in a wide range of screen sizes in both the wired and wireless formats, and can display on-screen graphics – including the homeowner’s floor plans and other schematics.

Visiomatic sends a representative to the buyer’s home to do a complete custom install.  All of the code is created uniquely for that buyer to suit the layout of the home and the control needs.  The representative will also draw the floor plans and input them into the system.

The versatility of a home-control system from Visiomatic is another feature that makes it stand out.  It has all of the features that are becoming standard for high-end devices, including lighting controls, security, an intercom, CCTV, A/V controls and more.  But it also has many features seldom found elsewhere, such as the ability to burn disc media onto a 2TB server, direct playback of Blu-Ray discs, and a wide range of internet accessibility.

Individual users can have restricted access to any or all of the features of this device.  This would allow children to only access the PG channels on television, for instance, or bar guest users from accessing any of the security controls. The price is comparable to Creston or AMX, according to a representative from Visiomatic.

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