BMG Forms Strategic Partnerships for Digital Music 
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Friday, 14 April 2000

As the Internet’s impact on the music industry continues to grow so does the controversy over what format will ultimately win out as the industry standard for online music delivery. BMG has recently partnered with several major high-tech firms such as IBM, Microsoft and Liquid Audio in order to build a legitimate marketplace for consumer downloading of music. Record companies have been scrambling to slow the immense amount of Internet music piracy and also reap the financial rewards that the net can provide.

The seemingly limitless possibilities that AOL’s merger with Time Warner will create for selling and marketing music on the web is forcing other music companies to reevaluate their own online strategies. BMG will be embracing an open distribution structure in their deal with Liquid Audio that will integrate various music-delivery components from several companies into one system.

Using Liquid Audio's RIMS and RIFFS command-and-control applications, BMG will be able to manage the flow of online content from the point of creation to retail delivery. This summer, BMG will begin offering secure downloadable versions of it’s hit songs and catalog albums and will be expanding the amount of material that is available for the holiday season.

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