Transparent PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner 
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Written by Donald Tibbs   
Tuesday, 06 January 2009

The Basics

Essential to sensitive electrical equipment, power conditioners like the Transparent PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner delivers “clean” AC power for both personal and business use. Although sporting a minimalist design with a sleek curved form, the PowerWave 10 Power Conditioner is built with a solid, aluminum body. The PowerWave 10 provides a high-level of performance at a suggested retail price of $1,695.

The PowerWave 10 is very similar in looks to the smaller PowerWave 8. However, looks are where the comparison ends since the PowerWave 10’s powerful 10 high-current, grounded and noise-filtering surge-protected outlets provide so much more than its predecessors. In addition, you will find it can create better isolation with its five filtered outlet banks. These features are 100% unique in the current market for home theater power conditioners and sound systems. Furthermore, you will find features like two coaxial sources, a high-current PowerLink Plus power cord, and a single phone line to boot.

The Upside

A total of 10 available outlets are more than enough to power your high-performance, resource-hogging system.  The PowerWave 10 is also aesthetically pleasing while certainly very tough and durable.

Don’t let its sleek, minimalist design fool you, it is designed and built to last. Moreover, its simplicity integrates nicely with most mid-fi to ultra high-end systems since it does its job without calling too much attention to itself.

All in all, the PowerWave 10 can greatly enhance your enjoyment of your home theater system or your sound system since it lowers noise levels while optimizing macro detail. You will also find your video sharpness and color saturation optimized as well. Finally, this model greatly helps spatial definition and end control from top to bottom.

The Downside

Unfortunately, no type of back-up or even sequential increase or decrease of power is provided.  For many high-end system owners, this is just unacceptable. If battery back-up and other extra features are a must for you, it is recommended you look at other even pricier models.

Finally, many buyers will also find the included PowerLink power cord a great extra but will quickly realize that this fantastic cord too stiff out of the packaging. This can make cable routing and management more difficult.


Power conditioners are a necessity for high-end home theater and sound systems. While there are many out there in the market, the PowerWave 10 confidently stands out in its solid construction and reliable performance worth its sizeable price tag. Although it has many extras, the lack of battery back-up will certainly turn off many prospective buyers. However, buyers should also consider that the PowerWave 10 more than hits the mark when it comes to noise reduction and audio/video enhancements.

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