Screen Excellence Shows Off the Enlightor 4K 
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Monday, 09 February 2009

The Enlightor 4K has been added to Screen Excellence’s line of acoustically transparent fabrics.  It enables speakers to be placed directly behind the TV in order to get the most accurate audio experience for 4K videos – the high resolution video will be joined by music, dialogue and sound effect that come directly from their point of origin.

This woven fabric is matte white, and can be used with Screen Excellence’s Reference and Craftsman fixed frames, TAM CinemaScope masking screens, and VistaCurve curved fixed screen.

The images that the Enlightor 4K will help display will have a smooth surface and zero moiré effect, and the audio will produce no high-frequency roll-off, nor require re-equalization.  The 70-inch, 16:9 Craftsman screen will retail at a suggested price of $840, and the 70-inch, velour-covered Reference screen will retail at a suggested price of $2,615.

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