BeoSound 5 Utilizes Just a HDD and Internet Radio 
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Friday, 30 January 2009

The new Beosound 5 from Bang & Olufsen is touted by the company as being the first all-digital system, using only a hard drive and internet radio as its sources.  It retails for $5,900. This HDD music system uses the Bang & Olufsen "More of the Same", or MOTS algorithm, in order to produce a playlist that is defined by the characteristics of songs already in the user’s hard drive. 

Each of these MOTS- generated playlists can include up to 70 songs, and 99 of these playlists can be generated in total.  The Beosound 5 can rip discs from a networked PC to transfer to the system, but it cannot link directly to the PC itself.  Bang & Olufsen have contracted with a CD ripping service that will rip the consumer’s entire CD collection to the device prior to its installation.

The hard drive is capable of storing about 20,000 songs in lossless WMA, and rests in one of two chassis in the unit.  The other chassis features a 10,4 inch LCD display which uses a wheel to allow consumers to rotate between songs, albums, genres and more.

The internet radio stations that are available on the Beosound 5 can be sorted by country, language, or by the sound quality – from a minimum data rate of 20kbps to 96 kbps.  There are about 8,000 radio stations for the user to choose from.  Most of the Bang & Olufsen showrooms will have the Beosound 5 on display by January 30th, with the rest receiving their units during the month of February.

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