AudioQuest Develops Method to Field Terminate HDMI Cables 
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Thursday, 29 January 2009

AudioQuest is the first to reportedly figure out a way to field terminate HDMI cables effectively.  If this technology proves generally applicable, it means that an installer will be able to pull raw HDMI through the walls and terminate it to an exact length.

Using their “Bayonet” connector, a crimper tool slices through the wire and pushes the attached V-pins through the wire, both cutting through the insulation and trimming the excess in one smooth motion.

This has several benefits for the average consumer.  Firstly, the entire home theater, projector or other setup will look much cleaner, with fewer long wires exposed.  Also, it makes it easier for homes to have HDMI pre-installed – meaning that the cables will be there but the connectors can be added at a later time.  Repairs will be much easier to make with the ability to terminate in-field, as the cable or connector can be more easily accessed.

This technology from AudioQuest is still in is early stages, and no independent tests have been run on the new connectors as of yet.

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