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Thursday, 29 January 2009

American Theater has announced the release of a new match made in audiophile heaven: the Revel Ultima Salon2 floor-standing loudspeakers and Bryston 28B 1000-watt mono-blocks.  The devil (or in this case, blissful, glorious sound) is in the details.  Kevil McEvoy, the owner of American Theater, and his team have installed this set using 1.5-2 meter length Straightwire Crescendo II speaker cables and placed the amps behind the massive Revels.

This proved to be just the setup needed to push their ears over the edge.  McEvoy says that “…the overall image, detail factors and definition” were all largely improved by this configuration.  The Salon2 is a heavy-hitter, featuring drive-units that were designed from scratch, an exposed front tweeter and midrange, rear facing reflex port and tweeter, and an ultra sleek and modern enclosure.  The pair retails for about $22,000.

The Bryston 28B features an output stage that expertly combines the two amplifiers that are permanently bridged in series and operated out of phase with one another.  This was the perfect complement to the demands of the Salon2, and they emitted a sound that was neither clipped nor compressed in any way.  The Bryston 28B sell for about $16,000 a pair.

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