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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The server-based home manufacturer Sooloos LLC has just announced that it will offer a new RackMount option for its current line of media servers available to consumers.

Sooloos’ Source, Ensemble and Twinstore devices will benefit from the RackMount dual-rack-space design, which not only looks sleek with a black finish, but is also functionally more efficient than its predecessors due to its internal fans used for heat dispersion and a front-panel power switch.

The Source:One (SRP $4,000) and Source:Five (SRP $5,000) RackMounts are the hub of a Sooloos system, providing the audio outputs necessary for connection to a stereo or audio distribution system.  They offer one or five RCA-type analogue outputs and an S/PDIF digital output.

The Twinstore RackMount (SRP $2,500) is a storage device that features two hard drives (one for primary storage of data and one for backup purposes) and network-attached capabilities.  The two 1-terrabyte drives can store about 2,400 albums in both lossless PCM audio and as MP3 files.

The Ensemble RackMount (SRP $3,500) is a single unit that combines both the functions of the Source and Twinstore.  It does not provide immediate, automatic backup of your media like the Twinstore, but with a single push of a button all media files on the Ensemble can be backed up to a personal computer.

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