LED Technology Projected to Increase 
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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Despite a downturn in the economy at large and the semiconductor market in particular, the demand for LED-based technology (found in LCD TVs among other products) is projected to increase in 2009.  According to the market research firm iSupply, the LCD market will see a 2.9% increase in the coming year, compared to a 9.4% decline in the semiconductor market overall.

LED technology is being touted as an improvement over the traditional CCFL technology used to illuminate LCD TV displays.  With the proper configuration, LEDs are more energy efficient, have some form-factor benefits over CCFLs, and can display superior picture quality.

Much of the rise in demand for LED technology is due to the quickly dropping price.  The price difference between a 40- to 42-inch LED-based LCD TV and a CCFL-based LCD TV is now around $200 to $500 – much less than even a year ago. Many companies, including Samsung, Sony and General Electric, are rolling out new LCD TV lines that rely on LED technology, expected to hit the markets around June of this year.

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