Could Warner Bros. Abandon HD DVD in 2008? 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Thursday, 01 November 2007

According to a report published today in today, Warner Home Video vice president of High-Definition Media, Dan Silverberg, suggested his studio, which currently supports both the HD DVD and Blu-ray formats would be reconsidering their strategies going forward as they relate to two HD disc formats.

Silverberg said, "One thing that may be changing is our strategy. When both formats launched and hardware prices were high, we made a decision to support both formats and let the consumer decide. But now that hardware pricing is affordable for both Blu-ray and HD DVD, it appears consumers no longer want to decide — so the notion of staying in two formats for the duration is something we are re-evaluating now that we are in the fourth quarter."

These comments were made at a Blu-ray promotional event for the enthusiast print and online media today in Hollywood, and are likely to kick up some hopes on the Blu-ray side that they could get another major studio as a sole content provider on their side going forward.

Even with the prices of players dropping and consumer adoption of HDTV at a breakneck pace – pundits are also suggesting that there will be no clear-cut winner or loser in the HD DVD versus Blu-ray format war. It has been suggested that both HD disc formats could thrive going forward just as Xbox, Playstation and Wii all enjoy popularity in the highly profitable video gaming market today. With Playstation 3 still a powerful platform for Blu-ray, HD DVD players breaking price barriers, and consumers still a little weary of the look of a new-school Beta versus VHS battle that both camps have created here, it seems predictable that for the near future Warner Brothers will remain a producer of both disc formats going forward. Time will tell.


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