LG to Cut Back on PDP Manufacturing - Dropping 32-inch Model 
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Monday, 29 December 2008

Cutting costs and increasing profitability is the name of the game, especially during these economic times.  Both Sharp and Sony have recently announced the closing of manufacturing plants.  LG has now announced that they will be cutting their production of plasma displays.

The plasma display division has always been a losing battle for LG.  Beginning in 2009 they will halt production of the 32-inch plasma panel and concentrate those energies on larger than 50-inch PDP displays.

LCD has become the flat-panel technology of choice by consumers.  However, with this economy consumers are tightening their budgets and sales of LCD HDTVs are slipping.  Companies are cutting production to increase their profits of the HDTVs they do sell.

LG's 32-inch plasma was tailored to the niche market for that screen size.  As the market for the 32-inch PDP plummeted, LG watched their operating profits drop from 3.8 billion in the second quarter to 1.6 billion in the third quarter.

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