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Sunday, 23 November 2008

In an effort to spur Blu-ray holiday sales and solidfy the Blu-ray format, Warner Home Video and Denon are forming a partnership for the holiday season.  By way of a mail-in promotion, consumers can get both "The Dark Knight" and "Batman Begins" on Blu-ray with the purchase of a Denon Blu-ray player.

Denon has three Blu-ray players to offer; the DVD-1800BD for $749, the DVD-3800BDCI for $1,999, and the DVD-2500BTCI for $1,199.  These prices are extraordinarily high, but Denon always delivers superb components, and their Blu-ray players promise to live up to their standards.

"The Dark Knight" becomes available on a Blu-ray two-disc special edition on December 9th.  The buzz is on that the Blu-ray release of the film is visually and aurally stunning.  The BD-Live enabled disc also also you to film your own video commentary and share it with other fans.  "Batman Begins" was touted as the best Blu-ray presentation back during its release in the early days of the format.

The offer is available with the purchase of a Denon player between November 23, 2008 and January 10, 2009.  The question is, how long will it take to receive the two Blu-ray discs in the mail?

Denon Electronics has announced it is teaming up with Warner Home Video for a major holiday promotion keyed to the much anticipated Blu-ray Discs™ release of the year’s highest-grossing film, The Dark Knight.  From November 23, 2008 through January 10, 2009, consumers who purchase select Denon® high-performance Blu-ray Disc™ players will be eligible to receive Blu-ray Discs™ of both The Dark Knight and Batman Begins by simply completing a claim form and mailing it in along with proof of purchase. Blu-ray Discs™ players that are eligible for this promotion include Denon’s DVD-1800BD (SRP: $749) and DVD-3800BDCI Blu-ray Disc Players ($1,999), as well as the DVD-2500BTCI (SRP: $1,199) Blu-ray transport.

The Dark Knight and Batman Begins are exceptional bonuses for consumers who purchase a Denon Blu-ray Discs™ player. The Blu-ray release of The Dark Knight was specifically mastered to fully exploit the breakthrough technological capabilities of the high-resolution format. Notably, key sequences in the film that were shot in the IMAX format will offer viewers extraordinary performance enhancements in the Blu-ray version. In addition to the extraordinary picture and sound, the Blu-ray release of Batman Begins contains a multitude of special features and extras including picture-in-picture commentary.

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