Another HDMI Version Headed Our Way With the Advent of 3DTV 
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Friday, 21 November 2008

HDMI inventors are readying for another HDMI version.  HDMI has yet to be perfected in its current state and now another version is already ready to go.  Currently, HDMI has many HDCP handshake issues between components and displays.

It is becoming increasingly common to hear of 3D television and movie presentations.  Several Blu-rays have been released in 3-D.  However, manufacturers are aiming to create 3DTV.  This technology would create stereoscopic signals from video components.

HDMI version 1.3 is currently capable of a 10 Gbits/s bandwidth.  This is plenty of bandwidth to transmit 1080p video at 60 Hz and audio.  It would also be able to handle left and right eye versions of 1080p video at 60 Hz.  However, manufacturers want to institute 1080p at 120 Hz.  HDMI version 1.3 will not be enough at this point.

While this technology is a ways off, it stinks to think about getting a new HDTV (or 3DTV), receiver, etc. to incorporate yet another HDMI standard.  I think we would all like to see a technology work perfectly and efficiently before moving on to another technology.  The inability to perfect one doesn't allow for much faith in the next.

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