Acoustic Research Releases Wireless System For Any 5.1 Speaker System 
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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Audiovox's Acoustic Research is releasing a system that will convert any 5.1 system into a wireless surround array.  The company aims to market the device to those consumers that are frustrated by running wires to a receiver.  The Acoustic Research W51 uses point-to-multipoint technology.

The diversity antennas of the receivers help eliminate multi-path fading, blocking of the signal by temporary objects.  The wireless system will on transmit 16-bit CD audio, so the high-resolution audio formats are out of the question.

The technology also handles avoidance of any potential interference (i.e.: cordless phones, 802.11 wireless networks and microwaves.  The wireless system also provides digital amps at 50-Watts per channel.  The MSRP is $699.99.

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