Retailers Devoting More Shelf Space to Blu-ray 
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Monday, 10 November 2008

Blu-ray is gaining ground with retailers.  First Target and now Wal-mart.  Wal-mart has recently been spotted dropping clearing shelf space, making room for more Blu-ray promotion.  Most notably, it has been the music CD section that is getting the axe.  Some retailers have announced a 23 percent drop in music CD sales during the present quarter.  Overall this year music sales have been down roughly seven percent.

The falling sales are evident that consumers want more value for their dollar.  $12 to $18 for a CD does not have an entertainment value that a DVD presents for the same cost.  The question is; what is the music industry going to do about the demand for Blu-ray entertainment?  Even without a down economy, consumers are making it clear that they want cheaper Blu-ray software titles.  In addition, a new generation of music lovers could be founded were back catalog music titles readily available on the Blu-ray format – with all the trimmings of course.

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