What Does the Future Hold for a Flexible Plasma Display? 
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Wednesday, 05 November 2008

While Stewart has the CineCurve Projection Screen, a Japanese start-up company is delivering something even more profound – a 125-inch Curved Plasma Display.  The technology comes from Shinoda Plasma.  Best thing of all, it weights a total of 7.9 pounds.  The Plasma array uses thin pieces of glass that measure just .1 mm thick, measuring 3 meters wide by 1 meter tall.

The technology is being guarded heavily by security.  No one is to get too close at the convention in which it is being shown at.  Sadly, the resolution of this flexible plasma is only 960 x 360 pixels.  An resolution that is unheard of in the HDTV world.  The flexible plasma is expected to be commercially available in 2009.  Although, no word on price is currently available.

Source: PC World

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