New Twist in the DVD-Audio Delay 
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Saturday, 01 April 2000

Inside sources tell that the current hold-up on the DVD-Audio standard by Working Group 4 is due to problems involved in interfacing the DVD-RW (recordable) standard with DVD-Audio playback formats. Originally, the CSS encryption coding for copyright protection was the snag. The wait may be worth it for the consumer. DTS and other U.S. electronics and licensing firms are sending their politicians to Japan to lobby next week on behalf of the recordable standards.

At CES 2000, Pioneer had a working prototype DVD-RW on display, which suggests that recordable machines could be ready to roll not too long after WG4 approves a playback and recordable DVD-Audio standard.

Expert industry opinions on when DVD-Audio will be ready range from late summer 2000 to the end of the year. The delay could be good, as it gives the record companies and media empires a chance to understand how 24/96 resolution is better than 16/44.1, as well as how 5.1 audio gives them a one–two punch when trying to resell their lucrative music catalogues. Catalogue sales make up more than half of most labels’ yearly profits and, with Gen-X demanding more WOW factor from their music technology, DVD-Audio is going to be able to ride on the coattails of the success of DVD-Video.

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