Rumors of Dark Side of the Moon on DVD-Audio Surface 
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Wednesday, 04 December 2002

When Tony Soprano gave his new purpose built home theater its first good test drive, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was the first record he listened to. In the case of the Don, it was likely on CD but for those of us with DVD-Audio and SACD players we desperately want to hear the ultimate audiophile rock record in higher resolution. Now rumors have surfaced that the record will be released on March 3, 2003 - the 30th anniversary of the release of the record.

EMI, who owns the rights to Dark Side of the Moon, says it isn’t doing Dark Side on DVD-Audio right now. Representatives close to Sony, who have put out entire Pink Floyd CD boxed sets in the past, say it isn’t on their radar for an SACD or DVD-Audio release.

In fact, most executives deny the 5.1 mix or DVD-Audio title exists altogether. has learned that in an after hours DVD-Audio demo at a dealer in Los Angeles earlier in 2002, a copy of Dark Side of the Moon surfaced for a private listening session. Considering mixing engineer Alan Parsons worked on the project originally and he is very involved in the development of surround sound music, the rumour isn’t that implausible. Music execs suggest that this mix is not a “final” mix and was likely not worked on by the band as one would expect with a project that is this high profile.

It is unclear if the rumors are true or not regarding Dark Side on DVD-Audio but the fact remains that early adopters of DVD-Audio and SACD are starving for good content even worse than early adopters for HDTV. Dark Side of the Moon well mixed to surround could single-handedly convert consumers to upgrade to the format.

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