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Monday, 02 December 2002

Linn has introduced their KIVOR INDEX music library which offers quality audio performance, convenient and cost effective storage capacity and robust software management for music files of all types in systems ranging from a simple stereo arrangement to the most complex home theater and distributed music systems.

The INDEX stereo music library is reportedly a reliable, simple to install, high performance, eight zone hard drive source component designed for high fidelity distributed audio applications in both Linn and non-Linn multi-room systems. The INDEX product is aimed at the music enthusiasts who seek affordable superior stereo performance with the convenience of instant access to music from anywhere in their home. Available in two fixed configurations, the INDEX music library provides either 250 hours or 500 hours of full-bandwidth pitch-accurate audio storage on reliable hard drives, increasing tenfold with compressed audio.

The INDEX music library is derived from the sophisticated Linn KNEKT KIVOR System introduced in 2001 and now acknowledged to be the highest quality and most versatile multi-room hard drive music server available.

Key Features include:

Simple seamless integration with Linn KNEKT, and to other multi-room audio systems
Reliable new integrated analogue Linn PCI MUSIK MACHINE (ANALOGUE) card providing 8 simultaneous analogue audio sources via 8 stereo pairs of analogue outputs.
Robust Linn proprietary REKURSIV software offering improved integrity of music storage, faster disc copy and improved track transition.
Simple to use LINNTEK PC set up and control utility: for use with KIVOR INDEX and the KIVOR TUNBOKS with ease of manipulation, storage and control of stored music and data automatically retrieved from an on-line database operating over RS232 or Ethernet .
Interface options include Linn RCU and third-party touch screen control systems.

Available with either a Black or Silver fascia, the KIVOR INDEX music library is rack mountable for installation with any multi-room amplification system.

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