Tentative West Coast Port Deal is Good News For AV Industry 
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Written by AVRev.com   
Tuesday, 26 November 2002

CNN reports that the West Coast Dock workers lockout and its resulting labor dispute has been settled. The Audio-Video industry could be one of the most affected by the containers actually getting unpacked at a normal pace. With the Christmas 2002 selling season for mainstream consumer electronics mere days away, there are hundred of millions of dollars of plasma TVs, AV receivers, DVD players and other gear waiting to be unloaded or unpacked and ultimately sent off to retailers.

High end Audio-Video is even more effected by the labor dispute because many high end companies rely on Asian made parts and components to repackage and or modify in order to actually assemble their big ticket gear. More than one high end electronics company complained of radical shortages of urgently needed parts and OEM componentry during the dispute.


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