PMI 2.0 Offers Optimized Display of All Aspect Ratios 
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Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Performance Media Industries, Ltd. (PMI), a consulting firm specializing in the design and engineering of private home cinemas, today announced a new solution for high-end video projection. This revolutionary video system design provides the audience with the largest possible, average picture size at all times.

"There are a myriad of aspect ratios present in video sources today. The new PMI 2.0® gives our dealer partners the ability to optimize picture shape and size, regardless of source material", says Terry Hill, General Manager of PMI.

Utilizing a native 2.0:1 video screen and reducing the distance traveled by the image masking systems, film buffs and HDTV sports fans alike are rewarded with maximum visual impact. Moreover, the video system creates an incredibly subtle transition between the theatrical 2.35:1 aspect ratio of film and 1.78:1 (or 16x9 Widescreen). PMI provides all of the sight line, aspect ratio and image size engineering to ensure that the picture is optimized at every seat.

"It goes without saying that Constant Height video systems are the most elegant and turnkey solution available right now", adds Hill. "PMI 2.0® reflects our continued passion for innovation and provides an alternative for those who demand the largest possible picture size and the purest electronic and optical signal path at all times."

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