Classé Debuts New $2,000 CD Player 
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Wednesday, 06 November 2002

Canada’s Classé Audio Inc. has just released the CDP-10, a compact disc player engineered for critical listening applications in high-end audio playback systems. Combining a highly sophisticated output stage with cutting-edge digital-audio technologies and transport components, this $2,000.00 CD player employs a segmented power supply design with no fewer than eleven separately regulated stages. Classé claims this ensures perfectly stable operation with voltage and current supplies that are virtually pure and noise-free.

The CDP-10 utilizes a professional optical disc transport from Philips. Proprietary modifications include Classe’s IMC™ system (Isolated Master Clock), which further enhances the digital signal’s rigid time-based stability, for jitter-free operation. The CDP-10 uses Classe’s sophisticated PDXB™ Pure Differential Cross Balance arrangement, which combines two of the latest differential-stereo, delta-sigma converters from TI/Burr-Brown.

Classe’s newest digital to analog filter design employs a 24-bit, 352 kHz digital filter (sometimes called an "upsampler") that also decodes HDCD encoded discs. The CDP-10’s advanced oversampling and D/A conversion enables the use of a relatively mild, second-order filter with near-ideal time-domain and impulse behavior.

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