Why Satellite and Cable Providers Will Ultimately Need To Tempt You To Buy A New DSS-Cable Box 
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Wednesday, 23 October 2002

Hollywood movie studios can clearly see the advantages of delivering feature films directly to your home theater in the not so distant future. They are even OK with you making a digital connection between your satellite or cable system and your video source but understandably, they want to protect the integrity of their property (movies, concerts etc…) with sophisticated encryption. Who could blame them? Movie piracy, especially overseas, is an epidemic that costs the studios dearly.

What is going to cost you as an early supporter of HDTV is the fact you are going to ultimately need more new hardware – most specifically a new cable or DSS receiver. But you say you already have an HDTV receiver? Well, you’ll need a new one in order to take advantage of what Hollywood has in store for you. This includes HDTV feeds that stay digital throughout your system. These feeds will likely be either DVI or Firewire which is an issue that will be determined when the studios and cable-DSS providers negotiate their deals for their respective hardware. Once a high resolution digital video encryption system is agreed to, electronics manufactures can start creating even more compelling products like HDTV DSS TiVos and or HDTV ReplayTV cable boxes. Could you resist the idea of coming home and having all of the best HDTV pre-recorded for you and looking even better than it does now on a live feed to your system? I couldn’t.

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