Linnís New $2,995 SIZMIK 12.45 Subwoofer 
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Monday, 21 October 2002

The SIZMIK 12.45 is a very efficient, high performance Bass Reinforcement Loudspeaker designed for the discerning music and movie enthusiast. The attractive but discrete looking SIZMIK 12.45 loudspeaker can deliver clean and powerful, pitch accurate extended low frequencies, enhancing the performance of any high quality loudspeaker system. Based on the successful SIZMIK 10.25 model, the compact new SIZMIK 12.45 features a 12 inch drive unit and larger cabinet and is suited to more powerful and accurate systems.

Digitally controlled signal processing, adjustable parameters and a wide operating range enable precise matching of the SIZMIK 12.45 loudspeaker to large, small and satellite loudspeakers. Comprehensive and adjustable filters control the upper frequency limits and trim the low frequency signals to compensate for room resonance. Subwoofer gain can be accurately adjusted and absolute phase can be either true or inverted to suit the complete system and in-room positioning. Adjustable signal sensing enables the SIZMIK 12.45 loudspeaker to power up and down automatically.

The SIZMIK 12.45 is cool-running and delivers a true audiophile performance by exploiting the fast, dynamic response of the Linn Switch Mode Power Supply and Linn CLASS V™ Power Amplification, continuously modulating output to provide up to 1000 Watts of pitch accurate and extended bass power while always-minimising power dissipation.

The SIZMIK 10.25 and The SIZMIK 12.45 Kustom: The SIZMIK is also available as a fully accessorized kit, for recessed or hidden location in custom installations and luxury marine applications. The SIZMIK 12.45 is available in Black, American Cherry, Maple and White finishes, from Linn dealers worldwide.

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