Video Screens Designed for Daylight Use? 
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Thursday, 03 November 2005

Denmark’s dnp known for innovative optical screen technology and their latest development is being called the Supernova screen. It enables projected images to be seen clearly and vividly, maintaining color saturation and fine details even in environments with high ambient light. The new screen is reportedly capable of delivering an image with a peak gain of 2.0 that is twice as bright and has a contrast ratio of 20:1, ten times greater than most screens.

When an image is projected onto the screen it passes through an optical lens system which focuses and concentrates the projected light before it is reflected back towards the viewers. The lens system has a patented contrast enhancement filter that absorbs incidental light from windows and room lighting, resulting in a screen that is highly resistant to ambient light.

The Supernova is available in sizes up to 120-inches in a 16:9 widescreen format. It features a fine pitch of 65 microns for a vertical resolution of 20,000 lines and is compatible with all standard projectors so it can be installed like any other front screen (although to maximize the effect of the optical filter dnp recommends a minimum projector throw of 1.8:1). Prices start at $879.

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