Gryphon Leaves Its U.S. Distributor Introduces New Speaker 
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Tuesday, 15 October 2002

Danish audio manufacturer Gryphon parted ways with loudspeaker giant, DynAudio today. Companies like Classe’ and B&W or Revel and Madrigal get increasingly cozy because of the obvious distribution advantages, the Gryphon move seems curious.

Gryphon’s focus is predominantly on high performance stereo components, not home theater which makes their products a tough sale in the United States, a market where stereo and multichannel music/home theater components from Mark Levinson, Krell, Sunfire and Meridian dominate the high end and “lifestyle” market.

Gryphon does better overseas where stereo based systems sell more frequently. Gryphon also is rarely reviewed by the audio-video press in the U.S. making them somewhat invisible to even the most adventurous “audiophiles” looking for the holy grail of musical reproduction. People that have heard the products, mostly at consumer based shows, have raved about the sound – comparing it to the aforementioned elite manufactures.

Gryphon is moving forward with a new speaker called the Cantata which will be launched at the coming CES 2003 trade show and will include a room correction system as part of the package. No price was mentioned.

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