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Tuesday, 15 October 2002

While jet set millionaires and college students alike rip tunes on their Apple iPods in record numbers, Meridian showed what is possible on the high end of hard disc based recordable music with its 800 Reference Series: the Meridian 880 Reference Music Server.

The Meridian 880 Reference Music Server is much more than simply a hard-disk-enhanced audio component: It is the first and only product to deliver the unprecedented power of the “music server” concept with unrestricted fidelity and musical accuracy, and with the full promise of today’s most advanced technologies. Difficult as it may be for many audiophiles to accept, the Reference Music Server delivers the speed, power, and utility of hard-disk audio with the unexcelled quality of Meridian’s 800 Reference Series sonics: Listening to a movement or a song from the 880 is exactly the same as playing the same track on an 800-series disc player.

The key is Meridian Lossless Packing - MLP - the Meridian-developed data format that underpins the DVD-Audio multichannel enhanced-resolution format. In the 880 Music Server, MLP permits storage of as many as 750 hours of stereo audio - nearly a thousand typical audio CDs - all with instant recall and playback, fully automatic album/artist/track cataloging via internet databases, multi-room/zone playback, and a great deal more, with precisely zero loss in data, content, or audio fidelity.

Here is just a selection of Meridian 880 Reference Music Server highlights:

• Bit-accurate Meridian Lossless Packing data format delivers music-server speed, power, and convenience with Meridian sonic excellence.

• Pro-grade CD-ROM-reader for disc archiving; CD playback.

• Meridian Reference Series 800 digital-audio quality with proprietary multiple “FIFO” buffers, upsampling 88.2/24-bit data format.

• Interface with Meridian preamp or controller, or drive Meridian DSP speakers directly.

• Multiple-output (analog and/or digital) options can serve music to up to four rooms/zones simultaneously

• Card-based architecture empowers individual configuring and prevents any possibility of obsolescence.

• 3 hard drives yield 750 hours full-quality MLP playback w/ instant access, and full searchability and virtually limitless playlist options.

• Automatic internet retrieval of artist, album, track data w/ flexible stored-database sorting, access features.

• Analog inputs (a phono input card is optional) for archiving any audio sources.

• Includes Meridian System Remote tabletop wireless controller; advanced on-screen command available with SVGA or video-output monitor connected.

• Optional software available to enable a Palm PDA or Philips Pronto to function as hand-held controller/database-access device.

• Full control, media-system integration via RS-232.

• Ethernet connection for network/database access.

Meridian expects the model 880 Reference Music Server to be available January 2003 with a suggested retail price of approx. $17,000-20,000 each. Watch for more information at that time.

Meridian 880 uses XIVA‘ Media Appliance software from Imerge Ltd.

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