Olive Unveils OPUS - High-end CD player stores 1,100 CDs in Lossless Quality 
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Tuesday, 07 March 2006

Olive Media Products, Inc., a developer of digital audio systems, announced the new OPUS, a $2,999 high-end CD Player with integrated 400GB hard drive. Designed and custom-built in the USA the OPUS is targeted at the audiophile market. The heart of its digital-to-analog conversion is powered by four Burr-Brown 24-bit/192 kHz DACs with 8X oversampling. A separate temperature-compensated crystal oscillator provides the DACs with an ideal clock reference, and virtually eliminates jitter, according to Olive. To minimize the noise level and prevent corruption of the analog signal the OPUS features an exclusively linear power supply. Like Olive®’s award-wining music center line, the OPUS allows users to record, tag and archive CDs with a simple button, using an ultra-quiet hard drive that holds up to 1,100 CDs in lossless quality. Once in the digital domain users can conveniently access their music and create playlists across their entire collection.

The OPUS is big on performance but features a minimalist design. Built out of fine grade aluminum the solid chassis features a distinctive front plate with an elegant CD door, and is optimized to reduce operating noise and vibration.

The Olive® OPUS in brief.
Harmonious circuit architecture.
• Hand-designed audio board with double-sided assembly provides clean signal
path and considerable reduction in parasitic inductance and capacitance.
• Extensive use of separate analog and digital planes as well as separate power
and ground planes reduces ground impedance, crosstalk, and noise floor.

DAC design.
• Features 4x Burr-Brown 24-bit/192 kHz DACs
• 8X oversampling with 352.8 kHz sample rate eliminates ultrasonic noise and
allows the use of gentle analog filters.
• Ultra-low jitter master clock eliminates timing error-induced distortion.
• Precision analog output section maintains linearity and low noise.
• Passive anti-image filter avoids slew-induced distortion and power supply

Clean power.
• Independent power supplies for analog and digital sections, including toroidal
transformers, prevent corruption of analog signal.
• Low noise linear regulators keep noise levels low while supplying tightly
regulated power.
• Large reservoir capacitance provides current reserves for transients and
extended bass response.
• Power-line EMI/RFI filtering reduces noise induced from mains.

Audible design.
• Solid chassis and closed front plate eliminate noise of CD & HD mechanism.
• Special 8X bearing for Hard Drive lowers vibration and operating noise.
• Power efficient components allow fan-less design.

• Ultra-quiet 400GB hard drive stores up to 1,100 CDs in lossless quality.
• Integrated CD database provides music information.
• High-resolution LCD and intuitive jog-shuttle for convenient navigation.
• Play, burn or copy audio CDs.
• Update an Apple® iPod™.
• Stream music to multiple rooms (build-in Ethernet hub and 802.11g access point)

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