2006 Inductees Tell Rock and Roll Hall of Fame To Piss Off 
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Thursday, 16 March 2006

In a punk move, groundbreaking punk band the Sex Pistols have told the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to piss off. And they are not the only ones. Ozzy Osborne, the lead singer and front man for Black Sabbath, has historically been critical of the Rock Hall of Fame, despite being inducted with Sabbath in 2006. He is expected to show up at the event, but Johnny Rocket of the Sex Pistols is not. Even reggae-oriented 1970s pop star Blondie has added fuel to the fire by not agreeing to let bygones be bygones with two former members of the band who sued her over being left out of a reunion. Bands such as the Police and Talking Heads have been able to get past their differences to jam a few songs for the Hall.

This year will likely be different and you have to give credit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for sticking to their guns. They inducted the artists they felt were the best, most talented artists and bands, with no concern whether these bands were willing to agree. They have secured acts like Metallica and Garbage to do tributes in the event the bands refuse to play.

When all is said and done at the inductions, the final jam might not be a love fest sing-along, but the Hall will have done the right thing. They will have picked the best talent. If only the A&R people responsible for today’s boy bands, divas and sissy bands would do the same, record sales would be closer to historical highs of 30 billion per year, not the measly 11 billion dollars per year they sell today.

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