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Friday, 11 October 2002

Monitor Audio is pleased to announce the launch of the “new” Bronze series. The all new Bronze series includes two bookshelfs, one 2 way floor-stander, one 120 watt 10 inch subwoofer and one center channel all ranging in price from $229.00 to $599.00 per pair and are available in both Black Ash and Beech vinyl finishes. They all bi-wireable or bi-ampable and feature the luxurious Monitor Audio family sound.

Using Monitor Audio’s proprietary Gold Dome tweeter, the new Bronze series delivers the critically acclaimed Monitor Audio sonic signature. The new MMP Mk2 (Metal Matrix Polymer) long throw woofer has deep clean bass suitable for music and home theater. The MMP Mk2 woofer uses aluminum deposits to strengthen the polymer base material. The baskets are cast, not stamped for more bass energy output.

“Every ounce of performance was squeezed out of ever component,” said designer and technical director, Dean Hartley, “We referenced product from every major manufacturer in the Bronze price range and did not stop with the development until the Bronze was picked every time in our blind A/B tests.”

The Bronze B1 Bookshelf ($279.00 pr) has a 5 1/4 inch MMP mid-bass driver with a 1 inch Gold Dome Tweeter.

The Bronze B2 Bookshelf ($349.00 pr) features a 6 1/2 inch MMP Mk2 bass-mid driver and internal figure eight bracing within a larger cabinet yielding more bass output.

The Bronze B4 Floor-stander ($599.00 pr) is a two and a half way floor-stander with multiple internal bracing, dual 6 1/2 inch MMP Mk2 woofers and a Gold Dome tweeter.
The Bronze Center Channel ($229.00 ea) features dual 5 1/4 inch MMP Mk2 bass-mid drivers, a 1 inch Gold Dome tweeter and is perfectly voice matched to the Bronze series.

The ASW100 Subwoofer ($399.00 ea) features a 10 inch long throw woofer and a 120 watt MOS FET amplifier. The ASW100 has fully adjustable phase and frequency control giving it the ability to blend well and add depth with the Bronze series.

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