Perpetual Technologies introduces a new affordable AC power product and high-end DAC 
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Thursday, 15 February 2001

Perpetual Technologies, known for their cutting-edge digital audio products, introduced a new product designed to improve your AC power: the Digital Power Cell, or DPC. The DPC regenerates the electrical signal that you get from your wall and uses amplification to create a nearly perfect signal to feed your gear. The DPC, much like the very popular PS Audio Power Plant products, also offers multiwave technology.

However, unlike PS Audio, the Perpetual can be rack-mounted. It uses a digital amplifier technology that reduces operational heat. In contrast, analog amplifier designs require significant cooling and heat synchs. The DPC is to be priced at $799 and will ship starting May, 2001.

Perpetual Technologies has a new digital-to-analog converter and interpolator in their product line-up called the P5. Priced at $3,500, the P5 is a far more advanced DAC than the original P1-P3 combo, as it uses an I2S interface to transmit not just 24-bit words but a 192 kHz sampling rate. The I2S format is needed to transmit 192 sampling rates. The P5 has a digitally controlled analog volume control, as well as three analog and four digital inputs so that you can use a P5 as a digital preamp in a high performance music system. The P5 has a very advanced digital interpolator system that actually outputs a 24/192 word from a standard 16-bit CD.

Perpetual offers a liberal trade program for P1/P3 clients, which puts 85 percent of the retail price of your P1/P3 investment back into the purchase of your new P5.

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