Panasonic Ships First Combination DVD Recorder / Hard Disc Recorder - $999 
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Friday, 04 October 2002

Do you wish your Tivo or ReplayTV had the ability to burn DVD discs? If you’ve got a spare $999.95 lying around, Panasonic has a new product for you. The new Panasonic DMR-HS2 DVD recorder features a progressive scan DVD-RAM drive and a DVD-R recorder coupled with a built-in hard drive. Consumers will be able to use such features as Time Slip(tm) and Chasing Playback that allows the user to watch a show in progress that's being recorded, right from the beginning, while the show continues to record to the end.

The unit can also be programmed to automatically record their favorite television shows every day or every week onto the hard disk.

A digital video camera signal can be recorded via a DV input, as well as a PC card slot for use with memory cards. The DVD video recording technology used in this new unit complies with the DVD recording formats standardized by the DVD Forum.

The DMR-HS2 can record a maximum of 52 hours of video on its 40 GB hard disk drive (in the EP mode - 5 selectable recording modes are available: XP/SP/LP/EP/FR), 12 hours on a 9.4GB double-sided DVD-RAM disc, and 6 hours on a DVD-R disc.

In addition to recording new video content, the DMR-HS2 provides a new medium for transferring VHS tape recordings to space-saving DVD-RAM or DVD-R disks or the internal hard drive.

DVD-RAM offers high storage capacity on removable media, high-speed data transmission, very good picture and sound quality, fast, random access memory and re-writeability up to 100,000 times. The DMR-HS2 also allows users to record onto highly compatible DVD-R disks, allowing them to share video recordings with virtually anyone with a DVD player.

In addition, a built-in standard PC card slot (2) enables users to download and save digital images (3) from an SD Memory Card, Multimedia Card, Compact Flash, Smart Media and other flash memory cards.

The Panasonic DMR-HS2 is currently shipping to U.S. Retailers.

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