SIM2 Seleco Introduces New 14 Inch Deep Ultra-Slick Console HDTV 
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Thursday, 03 October 2002

SIM2 USA unveiled the new Grand Cinema RTX line: a series of DLP™ home theater monitors that combine gorgeous design with the most advanced technology available. An innovative addition to their award-winning line of high-end DLP™ products, RTX escorts SIM2 into a new category.

Featuring the first self contained display based on the HD-2 Digital Micromirror Device™ by Texas Instruments, Grand Cinema RTX monitors has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels for true high definition capability. In addition, SIM2 is the first manufacturer to use digital optic image processing through fiber optic cabling in a DLP™ monitor. In the RTX, a single fiber optic cable is coupled with a system of two laser beams that allow you to connect to video sources up to 1640 feet away -- without compromising quality. The fiber optic cable connects to SIM2’s proprietary DigiOptic Image Processor (DOIP) for pure installation flexibility and ease.

The Grand Cinema RTX features the same sealed light engine as in the HT300 PLUS, a design exclusive to SIM2 that leads to less maintenance and a longer life span. Built-in deinterlacer and video enhancement (DCDi™) powered by Faroudja applies motion adaptive deinterlacing that prevents the introduction of motion artifacts and jagged edges from video signals that originated from video cameras. The DCDi also features patented 3/2 pull-down with advanced edit detection for exact reconstruction of the original film frame. The result, by design, dramatically improves contrast, resolution and color rendition resulting in a brighter, more dramatic picture.

As with all products in the Grand Cinema line, consumers can keep the RTX as up-to-date as possible. The RS232 port in the RTX’s DOIP affords enthusiasts the ability to easily download the latest software for the product via

The Grand Cinema RTX currently consists of two different products: a 45 inch monitor (RTX-45) and a 55” monitor (RTX-55). Available and shipping in October, the RTX-45 and RTX-55 have a MSRP of $10,995 and $12,995 respectively.

Digital Light Processing, DLP and DLP Cinema are trademarks of Texas Instruments.

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