DVD Horror-Thriller
Written by Kim Wilson   
Wednesday, 22 April 1998

A new disease has reached epidemic proportions, attacking and killing the children of New York. Entomologist Susan Tyler (Mira Sorvino) uses genetics to find a way to attack the disease's carrier, the common cockroach. She succeeds by creating a hybrid containing termite and manta DNA and this new species kills the roach population by secreting an enzyme that causes the roaches to starve to death. Unfortunately, three years later, Dr. Tyler learns that her genetic species didn't die out in one generation as they were designed to do; instead they have not only bred, but they have evolved exponentially.

The script for Mimic is pure science fiction, with very little science fact supporting the premise. Still, when the army of and highly evolved mutant insects starts chasing the few humans who know their secret, the adrenaline starts pumping.

There are no outstanding performances here as everyone is essentially walking food for the mutated insects, in fact, the star of this film really turns out to be the computer-generated insect that mimics its predator, man.

Personally, I really hate bugs, yet what kept me from turning away from the screen during this film was the highly effective 5.1 soundtrack. The off-screen insect sounds heighten the suspense as they move from speaker to speaker, sonically surrounding their on-screen prey.

If you like monster movies, this is a pretty good one. It should keep you on the edge of your seat, however if bugs make you squeamish than you might want to skip this movie all together.

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