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Tuesday, 08 April 2008

Like many of you, I have a plethora of electronic gear that I carry around. I typically have a cell phone, Blackberry, iPod and laptop with me on most days. Despite my efforts to protect all of my equipment from drops and other damage, I don’t think a week goes by without something hitting the deck. Otterbox provides a whole slew of cases to protect your gear, which range in price from approximately $10 to $200 dollars. The majority of Otterbox cases are made specifically for the product being protected. A perusal of their online catalogue shows that most of today’s popular devices are covered. In addition to the custom fit cases, Otterbox also offers general use cases in a variety of sizes.
Two of Otterbox’s more popular lines are the Defender and Armor series.
The Defender series offers less protection than the Armor series, but is significantly sleeker. The Armor series I found to be a bit bulky for everyday use, but the pieces provide significantly more drop protection and are waterproof.

The Upside
I spent a few months using the Otterbox cases for a couple of different Blackberrys and an iPod Nano. The Armor case for my Blackberry 8700 series was too bulky for my taste, but kept my device perfectly safe while I was hiking in Kauai, despite a few drops onto the rocks below and even into a stream. I was even able to use my Blackberry while snorkeling, so I know the case will be more than sufficient to protect your device in the worst of weather.

The Downside
The sleeker Defender cases are not waterproof, but due to their sleeker style, they add considerably less bulk to the device being protected. I found this style to work best for me and to be the best compromise between bulk and protection.

For those of you who actually use your devices rather than baby them, Otterbox can cover (pun intended) just about any electronic device you have, protecting it from day-to-day drops or even more severe abuses. A few dollars’ worth of protection can save you much in the way of time and money down the road.
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