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Tuesday, 08 April 2008

The Basics:
The 7 Series is one of the higher-end series in Olevia’s LCD lineup. This 47-inch, 1080p model has an 8ms response time and employs Silicon Optix’s Realta HQV chip to handle its video-processing duties.

The 747i has a healthy connection panel, with two HDMI inputs that accept 1080p/60 and 1080p/24, two component video inputs, one PC input and two RF inputs to access the internal tuners. There’s also an RS-232 port for integration into an advanced control system, plus a USB port that allows you to load firmware updates obtained from the company’s website.

Instead of using common picture presets like vivid, natural and movie, the 747i’s picture modes are set up based on the type of sources you connect, such as progressive DVD, high-def TV, or gaming console. The menu includes a limited three-step adjustable backlight and direct access to advanced white-balance controls. PIP and split-screen viewing options are available, and there are six aspect-ratio options, including a mode to view 1080i/1080p signals with zero overscan.

The 747i is very heavy for a 47-inch LCD, due in part to its larger speakers, which also make the all-black cabinet look bulky. Out of the box, the speakers are attached to the TV’s bottom panel; however, you can move them to the side panels or take them off entirely. The TV’s back panel includes a subwoofer output to send bass to an outboard subwoofer. The audio menu offers eight preset sound modes, as well as a lip-sync function.

The Upside:
The 747i is extremely bright, so it’s a good fit for a sunlit room. Accuracy, natural color, good processing and outstanding detail combine to produce a very attractive HD image. The TV also does a solid job of up-converting SD content.

The Downside:
It lacks 120Hz technology and some motion blur is evident with fast-moving content. This LCD’s black level is only average, so the image doesn’t look as rich and deep in a dark room as it does on some higher-end LCDs. The viewing angle is average and the onscreen menu system is frustrating to navigate.

The 747i has been on the market for some time now, and its price has dropped about 50 percent, as Olevia prepares to release 2008 models. That makes it a great deal for a 47-inch 1080p TV. Performance-wise, this TV is a good choice for the person who watches a lot of HD content, especially in a brighter viewing environment.
Manufacturer Olevia
Model 747i LCD HDTV
Reviewer AVRev.com
Diagonal Screen Size 43 to 56-inches
# of HDMI Inputs 2
# of Component Video Inputs 2
HDMI Version 1.3
Native Resolution 1080p
Refresh Rate 24Hz

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