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Wednesday, 02 April 2008

The Composite CF-1000 Wide Rack is a 60-inch-wide anti-vibration rack designed to house all your audio and video components. Designed to be used as a standalone rack or as a bridge between two of Composite’s CF-1000 shelving systems, this set-up offers thick acrylic shelving supported by carbon fiber legs to absorb vibration, maximizing the look and sound of your AV system. Like all composite stands, its modular design allows for great flexibility with your room and set-up, making the rack easily work for simple to elaborate systems. Shelves are purchased as top ($3,150), bottom ($2,925) and middle ($2,700), or you can mix and match the standard-width CF-1000 shelves as you see fit.  The carbon fiber legs come from six to nine inches and can be made longer by special order.

The one-inch-thick shelves are plenty stiff and offer dampening, while the carbon fiber legs offer exceptional weight-bearing and vibration control. The CF-1000 Wide Rack is modular, and can be assembled several different ways to suit your needs and tastes. You could assemble one with three 60-inch-wide shelves for a cost of $8,775, or have two of the standard CF-1000 shelves sandwiched between two 60-inch top and bottom shelves for $8,475. A third option allows for a bottom shelf to bridge two CF-1000s together.

Manufacturer Composite Products
Model CF-1000 Wide Rack
Type Shelves

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