Composite Products CF-1000 Anti-Vibration Rack 
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Wednesday, 02 April 2008

The Composite CF-1000 Anti-Vibration rack comes with acrylic or carbon on acrylic shelves. Three carbon fiber legs on each shelf assure a stable platform for your gear, while all that carbon fiber holds it securely and helps to soak up vibration. The racks can be customized and you can have either or both shelving materials, depending on your wants and tastes. Racks come as top, bottom and middle shelves with up to five shelf systems and can be expanded for taller systems. The carbon fiber legs determine the distance between shelves and come from six to 11 inches as a standard order, or taller by custom order.

These solidly-built racks offer a large platform. The shelves are one inch thick to minimize vibration, give a solid base to your gear and can be upgraded to carbon fiber over acrylic for even more strength and vibration control. Composites racks are very strong, with weight limits of 200 pounds for the bottom shelf and 100 pounds for each of the upper shelves. These are beautiful and functional racks that can be modified at any time, allowing the unit to meet your needs now and into the future, with further vertical and/or horizontal expansion. The size of these racks is tough to appreciate until you see them in person: the thick shelves and beefy legs all add up to a powerful-looking rack capable of holding the largest of gear securely. Acrylic shelves are priced from $1,200 dollars for each middle shelf, $1,400 for the top shelf and $1,300 for the bottom one.  Matching amp stands are available for $1,650. Carbon fiber shelves add an extra $250 per shelf, so that racks cost from $3,900 for a three-shelf system with acrylic platform to $7,445 for a five-shelf model with carbon shelves.

Manufacturer Composite Products
Model CF-1000 Anti-Vibration Rack
Type Shelves

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