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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Basics:
This product hails from Pioneer’s excellent lineup of KURO plasma HDTVs, which includes a standard KURO brand and a higher-end Elite KURO brand. This 60-inch, 1080p TV is the top-of-the-line model under the Elite KURO brand; as such, it boasts all of the line’s best features and technologies.

Features includes the use of Pioneer’s ASIC video processing circuitry and two compelling PureCinema film processing modes: The Advance mode converts 24-frames-per-second film to 72 fps to reduce judder, and the Smooth mode appears to interpolate frames (like a 120Hz TV) to render even smoother motion. The TV offers a nice assortment of image adjustments, including an Optimum picture mode that uses the TV’s built-in light sensor to automatically tailor the image to your room’s lighting conditions. There’s also an Energy Saver mode that limits peak brightness to reduce power consumption.

Elite KURO models use a different filter than the standard KURO models and add some advanced image adjustments, including an ISFccc calibration mode that allows a professional calibrator to fine-tune white balance and individual gamma steps for both daytime and nighttime viewing. This model also features Pioneer’s Home Media Gallery, which lets you stream media content over your home network via the Ethernet port. There’s also a Dot by Dot aspect ratio for viewing 1080i/1080p images with no overscan.

The PRO-150FD has a generous connection panel, with four HDMI 1.3 inputs that accept 1080p/24 and 1080p/60 and a CableCARD slot. The TV has an attractive gloss-black design with detachable, side-mounting speakers and a subwoofer output to send bass to an outboard sub. Pioneer’s anti-reflective screen cuts down on light reflections off the plasma glass, and an Orbiter feature and special video pattern are included to help prevent or counteract any short-term image retention that may occur.

The Upside:
At the heart of all KURO HDTVs lies the ability to produce substantially deeper blacks than most other flat panels on the market, which results in a picture with amazing depth and contrast. This TV has excellent detail and offers even better color reproduction than the step-down models. It doesn’t exhibit motion blur with fast-moving content or have viewing angle limitations.

The Downside:
The anti-reflective screen cuts down on light reflections, but this plasma still might not be the best fit for a bright, sunlit room.

The PRO-150FD offers simply stunning picture performance, but be prepared to pay for that quality, as Pioneer has positioned this 60-inch plasma at the high end of the price spectrum.

Manufacturer Pioneer
Model KURO PRO-150FD Plasma HDTV
Diagonal Screen Size More than 56-inches
# of HDMI Inputs 4
# of Component Video Inputs 2
HDMI Version 1.3
Native Resolution 1080p
Refresh Rate 24Hz

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