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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

The Basics:
This product hails from Pioneer’s excellent lineup of KURO plasma HDTVs, which includes a standard KURO brand and a higher-end Elite KURO brand. Part of the standard KURO brand and one of the less expensive models in the line, the PDP-5080HD has a 1365 x 768 resolution, as opposed to 1920 x 1080. However, in most other respects, it is a full-featured HDTV.

Features include the use of Pioneer’s ASIC video processing circuitry and two compelling PureCinema film-processing modes. The Advance mode converts 24-frames-per-second film to 72 fps to reduce judder, and the Smooth mode appears to interpolate frames (like a 120Hz TV) to render even smoother motion. The TV offers a nice assortment of image adjustments, including an Optimum picture mode that uses the TV’s built-in light sensor to automatically tailor the image to your room’s lighting conditions. There’s also an Energy Saver mode that limits peak brightness to reduce power consumption.

The PDP-5080HD has a generous connection panel, with four HDMI inputs, a CableCARD slot, a USB port for photo viewing, and a subwoofer output to send bass information to an outboard subwoofer. The TV comes with a detachable speaker that mounts to the bottom of the gloss-black cabinet. Pioneer’s anti-reflective screen cuts down on light reflections off the plasma glass, and an Orbiter feature and special video pattern are included to help prevent or counteract any short-term image retention that may occur.

The Upside:
At the heart of all KURO HDTVs lies the ability to produce substantially deeper blacks than most other flat panels on the market, which results in a picture with amazing depth and contrast. This TV also has good video processing and rich colors, and it offers a solid level of detail with both HD and SD sources. It doesn’t exhibit motion blur with fast-moving content or have viewing angle limitations.

The Downside:
This TV has a 768p resolution, and its image isn’t quite as razor-sharp as you’ll see elsewhere. The anti-reflective screen cuts down on light reflections, but this plasma still might not be the best fit for a very bright, sunlit room.

The PDP-5080HD is capable of producing a beautiful image, with both HD and SD content. This is one of more affordable models in the KURO line, costing half as much as Pioneer’s step-up 50-inch 1080p model. Its price is still higher than the norm for a 50-inch panel, but its performance more than earns it.

Manufacturer Pioneer
Model PDP-5080HD Plasma HDTV
Diagonal Screen Size 43 to 56-inches
# of HDMI Inputs 4
# of Component Video Inputs 2
HDMI Version 1.2b
Native Resolution 1366 x 768
Refresh Rate 60Hz

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