Senator Biden’s “Rave Act” Would Allow Feds To Bust Dance Clubs As Crack Houses 
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Wednesday, 10 July 2002

Senator Joe Biden has proposed legislation to Congress designed to attack the sudden increase in use of the drug Ecstasy by U.S. teens. Biden notes that according to The Partnership for a Drug Free America, there has been a 71 percent increase in use of Ecstasy since 1999. Biden’s target is not a new one, he is calling for increased Federal powers to bust raves (techno dance parties) and concert promoters under aggressive crack house statues that have monetary penalties as high as $500,000 coupled with as many as 20 years imprisonment.

Biden cites how some raves are promoted as alcohol free parties as to attract the teen audience. Biden implies the teens partake in Ecstasy while dancing to the hard hitting electronic music.

Electronic music fans are up in arms. “Raves aren’t crack houses” and shouldn’t be treated as such, one audio-video industry executive says. “They shouldn’t be busted like one either. Not everyone at a rave is high. The large majority of people at most electronic music performances are not high on anything other than the adrenaline rush elicited from the performances.”

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