New Eminem Record Released Early Because of Actual CD Piracy 
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Written by Jerry Del Colliano   
Tuesday, 04 June 2002

In an unprecedented move, Interscope Records allowed record stores to start selling "The Eminem Show" days before its already hurried release date because of rampant CD piracy. The difference with this record vs. RIAA claims of MP3 piracy is that "The Eminem Show" was actually being sold on street corners in New York, Los Angeles and elsewhere in significant numbers. Record stores complained to the label – demanding an early release – which resulted in over 250,000 units being sold in the first few days – a very welcomed commercial success much needed by an ailing record industry.

The always controversial Eminem, known for his inflammatory, misogynistic and intolerant lyrics, is an extremely popular artist with Gen Y, the largest record buying audience. The fact that demand for the actual record is proof that people will pay for music they want but in the information age if record companies can not keep up with demand, the buying public will find a way to get what they want. If the labels wanted to protect their interests better, they could mix and engineer more records for DVD-Audio (or possibly SACD) in surround sound that are backwards compatible with over 50,000,000 DVD players so that the physical piracy for both MP3, CD or DVD-Audio would require multiple levels of hacker and mastering software.

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