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Thursday, 01 December 2005

AVRev.com's Top 100 Awards are back for 2005 with the absolute best gear money can buy for home theater and beyond. While there are many big ticket products to represent the absolute cutting edge of AV technology - value plays a huge role in our editor's decision as to what products make the list and how they are ranked. Make no mistake - to get on the list at all is one heck of a feat considering how many products are released each year.

Enjoy reading reviews of each component as well as seeing how much of your system is on the Top 100.

Happy Holidays!

100 ExactPower EP15a Power Regenerator
99 Etymotic Research ER4 Earphones
98 Slappa 600 Hardbody CD Pro Case
97 Outlaw Audio LFM-1 Subwoofer
96 Digital Video Essentials Home Theater Setup Disc
95 RPG Room Treatments
94 Dynaudio Audience 5.1 Speaker System
93 Adcom GFA-7805 Power Amp
92 Equi=Tech Q2 Balanced Power System
91 Infocus 7205 Video Projector
90 Optoma H79 Video Projector
89 Krell HTS 7.1 AV Preamp
88 Ultralink HDMI Video Cables
87 Aperion Audio Intimus 5.1 Speaker System
86 Revel Concerta F12 Speakers
85 PureLink by Dtrovision 100 Ft Fiber Optic HDMI Cable
84 Denon 3910 Universal Player
83 Linn Klimax Twin Amp
82 Paradigm SA-35 In-wall Speakers
81 RBH Compact Theater Speaker System
80 Paradigm Studio 100 V.3 Speaker System
79 Sirius Satellite Radio
78 Definitive Technology SuperCube Reference Subwoofer
77 Apple 60 GB Color iPod Photo/Video
76 MartinLogan Descent Subwoofer
75 Linn Kisto AV Preamp
74 Lexicon RT20 Universal Player
73 Linn LP12 Turntable
72 DirecTV HD10-250 HD TiVo
71 Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 80 5.1 Speaker System
70 Revel Ultima Studio Speakers
69 Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature Amp
68 Gallo Due' Speakers
67 Transparent Power Isolator IV
66 Anthem Statement P5 Amp
65 Anthem Statement A5 Amp
64 B&W 703 Speakers
63 X-HiFi XDC-1 Desktop Speakers
62 Orb Audio Mod 2 Speaker System
61 Marantz DV400 Universal Player
60 Dish Network Dish Player 942 HD-DVR
59 Sunfire Ultimate Receiver
58 Paradigm Seismic 12 Subwoofer
57 Sunfire Theater Grand IV AV Preamp
56 Lexicon MC12 AV Preamp
55 B&W DM303 Speakers
54 RBH Signature Series Speakers
53 RBH MC-615-70 In-wall Speakers
52 Energy Connoisseur 5.1 Speakers
51 JVC D-ILA HX-2U Video Projector
50 Integra DPS 10.5 Universal Player
49 Escient Fireball E2-300 Music Server
48 Marantz VP-12S4 DLP Video Projector
47 NAD T773 AV Receiver
46 Sharp LC30HV6U Aquos LCD Display
45 Stewart Filmscreens
44 Classe' CA-M400 Monoblock Power Amps
43 D-Box Tactile Home Theater Seating
42 Wilson WATT Puppy Version 7 Speakers
41 Mirage Omni Sat Speaker System
40 Request F Series Music Server
39 Audiophile APS 1050 Power Regenerator
38 Definitive Technology 7002 Speakers
37 Meridian 861 AV Preamp
36 MartinLogan Montage Speakers
35 Dali Suite 2.8 Speaker System
34 Paradigm Signature S8 Loudspeakers
33 Mark Levinson No. 436 Power Amps
32 PSB Platinum Ovation Theater System Plus
31 Sony Cineza HS 51 LCD Video Projector
30 Samsung 63 inch Plasma
29 Harmony 880 Universal Remote
28 Anthem AVM30 AV Preamp
27 Denon AVR-4806 Receiver
26 Outlaw 970 AV Preamp/Processor
25 Sony PSP (Playstation Portable)
24 Richard Gray's RGPC 1200S & Substation
23 Polk Audio XRt12 XM Radio Tuner
22 Axiom M80ti Speakers
21 Revel Sub 30 Subwoofer With Room Correction
20 Gallo Micro 5.1 Speaker System
19 Sherwood R-965 AV Receiver
18 Integra DTR-10.5 Receiver
17 Sunfire True Sub Signature w/EQ
16 Linn Unidisc Universal Player
15 Transparent Reference Audio-Video Cables
14 Meridian 800 DVD Player
13 JVC 61 inch D-ILA Rear Projection HDTV
12 Sony 60 inch Rear Projection SXRD HDTV
11 Revel Salon Speakers
10 Mark Levinson No. 40 AV Preamp
9 Meridian G98 DVD Player
8 Revel F32 Speakers
7 Sony Qualia 006 SXRD Rear Projection HDTV
6 JVC HD2K Video Projector
5 B&W 802D Speakers
4 Anthem Statement D1 AV Preamp
3 Meridian G68 AV Preamp
2 Sony Qualia 004 Video Projector

And the #1 AV product of 2005 is....

#1. Sonos Digital Music Server

The idea of a music server isn't a new one but the idea of merging the ease of use of an iPod with wireless technology with digital amps and now you are really talking.

The Sonos Music server for the money is THE way to fly for music enthsuiasts who want to have from one to 32 zones of audio without punching holes on the walls. Each additional zone can add sotrage for your collection of music which you can buy directly through the system, upload to the system from your PC or external hard drives. You can even stream Internet Radio.

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